Birth of a metalhead Part 2

My last few days in Mexico were spent hanging out with my cousin and listening to my cousin’s cds and the ones I bought.  I couldn’t wait to come back home a show my brother the bands I had discovered.

When I got home, that was the first thing I did.  I was beaming while I showed him the music.  Since he was never a fan of the music he wasn’t very impressed with them but he was happy for me.  Sometimes I wonder he thought this musical taste was just going to be a phase.  If he did, boy was he dead wrong.  Another new thing I found at home upon returning, my dad had bought a computer that could connect to the internet, via dial-up.  (How many of you remember that?)

Of course the first thing I had to do was look up Morbid Angel (among other things kids going through puberty would).  They instantly became my favorite death metal band and still are to this day.  Slowly but surely I found more and more bands, some great and some shitty.  

At the time, my knowledge was pretty limited.  I only new the “metal” they would play on the radio and the death metal I was introduced to by my cousin and by the internet.  Oh yeah, and Slayer which I learned later on was actually thrash metal, another great sub-genre.  This research also led to the discovery of the different sub-genres, all with they’re own unique sounds and I said before, some great and some shitty.  

Please allow a quick side note.  You have death metal (my favorite genre)  with bands like Morbid Angel, Immolation, Death, Suffocation and Vader.  There’s black metal (probably the most infamous of them all) with Mayhem (if know them you know they have to be mentioned), Gorgoroth, Emperor, Immortal, Dark Funeral, and Dissection.  

Thrash metal is another favorite.  One thing I won’t do though is mention three of the big four because frankly I don’t think they should have that title.  Sure they’re music is great and did help pioneer the music but they aren’t thrash anymore.  But enough of that.  To name of few of thrash metals greatest you have Overkill (my favorite), Kreator, Sodom, Holy Moses and Razor. I could go on and on with metal’s different genre but that’ll be for a different time.

Now, back to the topic at hand.  A year later as I looking up Morbid Angel, again, I come across wonderful little tid bit.  

That’s right, I find out about the extreme steel tour.  It was so surreal.  I had discovered Static-X (who I thought was amazing at the time) and Pantera.  As soon as I found out about it, I quickly ran to my brother and begged him to take.  He said no on account that he doesn’t like that kind of music.  I probably asked 2 or 3 times hoping for the best but the answer remained the same.  About two or three weeks passed, my brother calls and throws a ticketmaster envelope at me.  My jaw dropped at its contents: two pit tickets for the Extreme Steel Tour.

I couldn’t believe what I was holding.  I’ve known Slayer for a long time and loved their music, Morbid Angel I discovered a year before and became an instant favorite.  Pantera, was new to me but the songs I heard were amazing.  I didn’t know much about Static-X, maybe a song or two that were decent and I had no idea who Skrape was.  Needless to say it was an amazing concert.  Only problem was Skrape should have been the opening act, not Morbid Angel.  That show I think is what cemented me in the metal scene.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good music out there and I enjoy the majority of it but there is nothing like metal.  Nothing like deep rumble of the bass, the speed and brutal drumming, the guitar riffs followed by the shrieking solos and last but certainly not least, the amazing growls.  Now that is the recipe for amazing.

Well, this went a lot longer than I wanted so I’ll just go ahead and stop here.  Stay brutal cabrones.


Author: Bond, Ronnie Bond

Just a regular, middle class family man playing the inevitable game of life. The game is a tough one, as I am sure you know, but also a fun one. Especially if there is beer and music involved.

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