Blog, the first

Blogs, I’ve always been fond of the idea but never wrote one.  Why?  Well because I have no idea what to write about and frankly I’m not that great a writer.  I like to though.  Now add the fact my life isn’t all that interesting, just a simple family man with a wife and two kids and the obligatory dogs.  Maybe I’ll write about that or about the misadventures at my place of employment.  Honestly, I have no idea what this will turn into or if it’ll turn into anything at all.  We shall see what happens.  The one thing I do know is that some of my opinions my spark some controversy and if you are of the sensitive type, then oh well.  Hasta luego cabrones.


Author: Bond, Ronnie Bond

Just a regular, middle class family man playing the inevitable game of life. The game is a tough one, as I am sure you know, but also a fun one. Especially if there is beer and music involved.

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